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Epoxy Flooring Specialists is proud to be Indiana's leader in the fine art of epoxy resin flooring systems. By offering a wide variety of color treatments together with our high-strength petroleum based epoxy resins, we are able to offer residential and commercial customers a safe, durable, easy to clean and decorative alternative for garages, basements, and other concrete substrate applications - both new and old.

Our skilled epoxy flooring installers - backed by years of commercial experience, and our state-of-the-art equipment, assures you will receive the best possible installation available today. Don't worry about the weather - we do installations any time of year, and for your convenience, we offer portable storage.  We're not a jack-of-all-trades, we truly are specialists in epoxy flooring technology and application.

Add resale value and beauty to your home, new or existing. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.








The name says it all. Rather than offer epoxy flooring, wood decks, vinyl siding and replacement windows, co-owners Todd and Mark Lewis decided to do what they know best. As specialists in epoxy flooring systems, you can be sure you will be getting the quality and expertise that comes with years of experience. Over 25 years - to be exact. You might say that Todd and Mark grew up in the business. Their father, Mike Lewis began a commercial epoxy flooring operation in 1974.


After gaining the experience of 25 years in their father's commercial epoxy flooring business, Todd and Mark recognized the increased demand for quality epoxy flooring in the residential market.  As they say, the rest is history.


Along with 25 years of experience, Epoxy Flooring Specialists uses modern state-of-the-art equipment - the best that's available - specific to the installation of epoxy floor systems.  In addition, the installation crews are trained in the same proven techniques learned through years of experience.  Todd and Mark are both hands-on, so you will see one or both of the owners when your floor is installed - which ensures that promises made will be promises kept.

Contact the Epoxy Flooring Specialists today for information or for a free, no-obligation estimate and see what a difference a specialist can make!



About Us





•  Adds beauty to concrete surfaces

•  Seals and protects entire surface

•  Professional, seamless appearance

• Chemically resistant to almost all        household and automotive chemicals

•  Safer, slip-resistant texture

•  Adds re-sale value to home

•  Enhances and strengthens surface

•  Easy to clean and maintain

•  Available in several styles and colors

•  Ideal for residential and commercial applications

•  Two-year written warranty against flaking and peeling.



The most important part of ensuring the quality and long life of your new epoxy flooring system begins here on Day 1. Photo 1 shows the scarification process with a modern vacuum shot blast machine.  This process removes a thin layer of concrete, along with stains, dirt and oils, and allows for a superior mechanical bond with the epoxy - a bond which cannot be achieved with harmful chemicals and water-based cleaners.  Photo 2 - Grinding rough edges and small protrusions. Photo 3 -  Vacuuming floor to remove any dust and debris left from scarification and grinding.  Photo 4 - Patching cracks, and divots in original concrete floor. Photo 5 - Rolling on epoxy primer which seals and mechanically bonds to concrete.

On Day 2, the primer has mechanically bonded to the concrete. Before applying the top coat in your chosen color, the primer is lightly sanded either mechanically or by hand which removes any unwanted foreign debris trapped in the drying process and smoothes the surface - Photo 1. Photo 2 shows the top coat being rolled on.  If you requested additional floor treatments, such as color chips, these will be applied at this time and your floor will be finished on Day 3.

Depending upon your custom options and floor treatments, on Day 3, the floor will be lightly sanded again to smooth the color chips, and to give the floor a smoother appearance.  After sanding and vacuuming, a clear coat is applied (Photo 1)along with final cleaning and detailing.  Photo 2 shows the completed project which after 24 hours will be cured sufficiently for foot traffic. In 72 hours your new floor is completely cured and ready for your vehicles and household items - Photo 3.



Epoxy Floor Specialists offer a wide variety of colors to match most any decor. In addition custom color matching is available upon request.

*Note: colors shown are approximations and will vary due to product selected, finish, and texture.












To create a unique floor color treatment which simulates the look of tile or terrazzo, Epoxy Flooring Specialistsoffers a large variety of color plastic chips which are mixed and matched per your preference with any of our many solid epoxy colors.  


*Note: the color chart below provides a basic representation of the color. Slight differences may occur in color and appearance.  Samples and custom colors available upon request.

*Please be aware that white outline is for online viewing purposes only and will not be on actual flake. 

The following are photographs of actual finished floors installed by Epoxy Flooring Specialists.  These are just a few examples of epoxy color- chip color combinations to produce the desired effect for any garage, basement, or commercial application.  With the many epoxy and chip color combinations we offer, the possibilities are nearly limitless in producing the look of tile with all of the amazing characteristics of epoxy flooring.  Got a particular design need?  Contact us today and let one of our specialists create a custom floor for you!

Marshall Blue 451

with white. black & blue chips 

Medium Gray 124 with red, black and light gray chips

Smokey Gray 117  with orange, red & black chips 

Tan 251

with orange, white & black chips

The color selector is designed to assist you in making your selection for Cohills Pro Series® Metal Essence Metallic epoxy colors. Cohills Pro Series® Metallic pigment packs are measured by weight (not volume) and are designed to be added to 100% solids epoxy. 1 pigment pack should be added to 1 ¼ gallon of an epoxy base. Mix thoroughly for 3 min.utes to insure proper dispersion. Cohills Pro Series® Metal Essence pigment packs may b used in other clear vehicles such as polyurethane, acrylic sealers and waterborne epoxies, all with different effects.


It is necessary that we reserve the right to allow for reasonable variations of application. Printed colors show approximate color without affect of dispersing techniques, finishing techniques or application procedure. Variation of application will also affect the final appearance. It is highly recommended that you do a sample test area before installation



















Epoxy Colors


Q: Why do I need an epoxy floor?
A: Over time, even the best concrete floors begin to deteriorate and revert back to the ingredients comprising concrete, (sand, gravel and water), causing divots, cracks and chips. A professionally applied epoxy floor will seal and protect the concrete from elements that break down the floor as well as provide an easy to clean, aesthetic appearance.


Q: How long does the entire application process take?
A: Generally 2 to 3 days, depending upon the type of floor treatment you choose.


Q: I understand the value and convenience of an epoxy floor, but what things should I be prepared for before the installation process begins?

A: As in any worthwhile home repair or remodeling project (carpeting, painting, replacement windows, etc.), there are a few minor inconveniences - household goods/autos will have to me moved off the floor for the duration of the installation/curing process (5 to 6 days total for installation & curing), and there will be some odor which will dissipate after the floor cures.  However, as in any similar project, the benefits far outweigh the temporary inconvenience.


Q: Will it create a lot of dust?
A: There will be some dust, but minimal. The modern equipment we use to prep the concrete all runs on a vacuum system.  In addition, as dust and other foreign matter is unwanted during the application process our installation team will be diligent in removing and keeping dust to a minimum.

Q: Will the surface be slippery?
A: The floor surface texture can be made to your specification, as smooth or textured as you like.  Smooth surfaces, though slightly easier to broom can be slippery when wet.  Texturing can be applied to greatly enhance traction.


Q. How long will the new floor take to dry?
A: You'll be able to walk on your new floor 24 hours after completion of the final application.  After 72 hours the floor will be sufficiently cured to allow for your automobiles and household items.

Q: Why does the floor look mottled or transparent after the first application?
A: The first application is a primer coat which mechanically bonds to the pores in the concrete. The primer is only the first step in the process.

Q: Will the application of epoxy change the grade or level of the floor?
A: No, the epoxy coating will follow the contour of the floor, however, we do repair cracks, holes and divots before applying the epoxy flooring.

Q: What do we do with our household items during the installation process?
A: Portable storage units are available at an additional charge.

For any questions that have not been answered here, please feel free to contact us.  We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

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